Extension 2_ El Pobal foundry

Route: 10 km from Ortuella

This is a Historical Monument because of its historical value.

To get there by car, you must take the Santander road to Muskiz, the next town. Take the road to Sopuerta, and 4 kms further on you will see the car park at the entrance to this building. Here you can see a real demonstration of how iron was worked before industrialised production.

As a Museum, it is the only surviving example of hundreds of river ironworks in Bizkaia; it was here that they produced the famous "Bizkaian iron".

Founded in the 16th century, it stayed in production as the last ironworks with the manufacture of tools, implements and wagons until its closure in 1965, when it was unable to compete with industrialized products.

Closed on Mondays. Saturdays: live demonstrations of iron production.